Stand up for Earth Rights in Paris

Dear Friends,

We invite you to take a stand for Earth Rights in Paris by endorsing the Peoples’ Convention for the Establishment of the International Rights of Nature Tribunal, by telling other people about it and by attending hearings of the Tribunal.

The International Rights of Nature Tribunal stands as true system change — a forum for the world we are creating. Nearly everywhere, current law says nature is mere property to be destroyed for profit. We cannot protect ecosystems without recognizing their rights to “exist, persist, and regenerate their vital natural cycles.” Rights of Nature provides the framework for solutions that respect the integrity of the vital ecological processes of the Earth.


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Article 9               Signatories to the Convention

  • This Convention may be signed:
    • on behalf of a nation, tribe or other traditional group of indigenous peoples, by a person who is authorised in accordance with the laws and customs of those peoples, to represent them;
    • on behalf of the members of any organisation that wishes to promote the effective implementation of the rights and duties in the Earth Rights Declaration in respect of a specific geographical area or areas, or any specific being or beings (e.g. rivers, or species), by a duly authorised representative of that organisation;
    • on behalf of any community who reside within a particular area, by a person whom they have elected or is authorised in accordance with the laws and customs of those peoples, to represent them.
  • This Convention is signed by delivering a letter of commitment to the Secretariat.
  • A Party may withdraw from the Convention by delivering a letter of withdrawal to the Secretariat.

International Rights of Nature Tribunal

The Tribunal was established in January 2014 in Ecuador to investigate and hear cases involving serious violation of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, which was adopted in 2010 by a World Peoples’ Conference of 35,000 people to complement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Tribunal derives its mandate and powers directly from the people who support it (instead of from governments) and it will be formally constituted by the signature of a Peoples’ Convention in 2015. (You can read the latest draft of Peoples’ Convention here and are welcome to make suggestions about what it should include).

We are all members of the amazingly intricate and beautiful community of life we call Earth. By approaching the most pressing environmental and social challenges facing humanity from the perspective of what is best for Earth as a whole instead of treating nature as property, the Tribunal will demonstrate how we can balance the interests of humans and other beings in order to promote the wellbeing of all. The members of the Tribunal are respected people and elders from many countries who will carefully consider the case brought before them and through their decisions, show the way to an ecologically healthy and socially just future.

Please join us to begin creating the world we want to live in, today.  Endorse the establishment of an International Rights of Nature Tribunal now!

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