What is an International Rights of Nature Tribunal?


The International Rights of Nature Tribunal has been created to provide systemic Rights of Nature based alternatives to the false solutions and failed negotiations of governing Nation States.

This “People’s Tribunal” provides a vehicle for reframing and adjudicating prominent environmental and social justice cases within the context of a Rights of Nature based earth jurisprudence. The adjudication process provides a platform for informed legal analysis of diverse cases based on Rights of Nature. With each case, the Tribunal will recommend actions for reparation, mitigation, restoration and prevention of further damages and harm.

The Tribunal provides a framework for educating civil society and governments on the fundamental tenets of Rights of Nature and an instrument for legal experts to examine constructs needed to more fully integrate Rights of Nature.



The International Tribunal for the Rights of Nature is organised and hosted by members of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature, with oversight from a Tribunal Secretariat.

To contact the Secretariat for the International Tribunal, please click here.

To contact the Secretariat for Regional Tribunals, please email: tribunal@earthlaws.org.au