Letter of Commitment

Stand up for Earth Rights

The International Tribunal for the Rights of Nature is a body of respected people from around the globe who hear cases involving serious violation of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, and make decisions on the basis of the best interests of the Earth community as a whole instead of the self- interests of a few people, or on political grounds. The Tribunal derives its mandate and powers directly from the signatories to a Peoples’ Convention (instead of from governments) and from the people who endorse it.

We invite you to defend Earth by helping establish peoples’ institutions that uphold the rights of all members of the Earth community.

Becoming a party to the People’s Convention

If you represent an organisation, community or group that qualifies as signatory, please become a party to the Peoples’ Convention for the Establishment of the International Rights of Nature Tribunal by clicking the button below and completing the letter of commitment.


Endorsing the Tribunal

If you wish to show your personal support for the Tribunal please endorse it by clicking the button below and filling in your details. Personal endorsements are important because the more people that publicly support the Tribunal the more influential it will become.endorse-button

NOTE: The parties who qualify as signatories are defined in Article 9 of the People’s Convention which states:

  • This Convention may be signed:
    • on behalf of a nation, tribe or other traditional group of indigenous peoples, by a person who is authorised in accordance with the laws and customs of those peoples, to represent them;
    • on behalf of the members of any organisation that wishes to promote the effective implementation of the rights and duties in the Earth Rights Declaration in respect of a specific geographical area or areas, or any specific being or beings (e.g. rivers, or species), by a duly authorised representative of that organisation;
    • on behalf of any population of people who reside within a particular area, by a person whom they have elected or is authorised in accordance with the laws and customs of those peoples, to represent them.
  • This Convention is signed by delivering a letter of commitment to the Secretariat.
  • A Party may withdraw from the Convention by delivering a letter of withdrawal to the Secretariat.

Sign for your organization:

Please complete the form and click submit.

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